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The Italian Publishing House leader in finance, fashion and luxury information for the upper class
 Class CNBC
First in business in Italy and worldwide

Class CNBC is devoted to Finance & Economy. It is a service channel that has, among its goals, to meet the increasing information needs that the Italians show due to the crisis, the current events that have affected several banks and the introduction of new regulations (Bail in, for example ...).

It is the only Italian television that does it.

Class CNBC broadcasts on 10 platforms, including the Sky channel 507, mobile devices, the web (www.milanofinanza.it) and the Moving TV.

It reaches 1.4 million people in the average month (Gfk data - profile analysis - December 2015). 6.6 million viewers are reached by Class CNBC (Gfk data) as part of the Class Editori financial hub, which also includes MF-Milano Finanza, the web and the Moving TV.

Among its strengths, there is the partnership with CNBC, which provides access to the world's most important network dedicated to business and financial markets. CNBC reaches 371 million households worldwide; 100 million between Canada and the United States. In China it provides information every day to 400 million households.

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